Spring In Your Step

Hello friends. I’m guest blogging today for Lisi who is trapped in the writer’s cave churning out pages for the #DirtyBookClub. She will be back with another fantastic post next week. I really had no idea what I’d be blogging about today, and it’s been particularly difficult to get creatively motivated due to some extreme heat in Southern California. When I say extreme I mean 100 degrees in Los Angeles (it’s not even summer yet!), which might not mean anything to some of you reading this from some unfortunately warmer regions, but most of us in Southern California are total babies when it comes to weather extremes in either direction. Not to be hyperbolic or anything, but it’s not impossible that I’ll perish before the end of this blog post. While I’m here and partially alive, I’ll share with you one trick I like to turn to when I just can’t seem to get the words down on the page or can’t get up and moving. Besides stocking up on popsicles and numerous watermelons, I always make a new playlist each season with songs that still get me out of bed and start my frame of mind off in the right direction. I’ve shared my current Spring into Spring playlist with you today. Some songs are new, some are old, high-speed or lo-fi, but all of them are made for spring, which is traditionally the season to be wilding out anyway (even if wilding out for you only means dancing up a storm in your room; welcome to my life). I hope these songs get you moving and inspire you to create a go-to playlist of your own. Disclaimer: Selena Gomez IS found on this list… because I happen to love her. Really. I do. As Lisi always says: JUDGE.

Ps. This playlist also accompanied my best friend and me on a very mini road trip to Palm Springs last weekend. We stayed just one night and the drive and heat were almost not worth it, except… we got THIS photo out of it. SUCCESS.

Spring into Spring!


I hope you like a song or two in there! Happy spring. Lisi will be back next week!





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