Sad American Tale

Hi everybody. It’s Alisha again, guest blah-gging for Lisi while she’s away having a blast in Mexico.

Lisi said I could blah-g about anything I wanted today, but I have to tell you, I really couldn’t think of much to say. I want to stay positive for you guys, but I have to be honest and let you know I’ve been pretty down lately. And not for any trivial reason either. It’s because I recently moved houses and my main companion and best dog, Fievel, got a couple complaints from neighbors (he’s barky) and now he’s staying with my family an hour away. Okay, okay–I’ll be the first to admit I might be a crazy dog woman and I probably shouldn’t be staring at all these photos of him, but this is seriously killing me, you guys. Just look at that face!

Look at that face.

Meet Fievel. Yep, like the mouse from American Tail. I rescued him from a shelter almost three years ago as a wee pup and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Thinking about this little guy away from home breaks my heart a bit because I picture him following after his namesake singing THIS from the movie. (<—click that lagoon green link over there :))

Fear of water.

Here’s Fievel hating his bath. I think he has aquaphobia. I can’t even say the word “bath” around him anymore lest he run and hide under the bed in horror.

Little guy.

Here’s what it’ll look like come tomorrow when we reunite for the weekend (Finally!). I secretly think he and Lisi’s Bee Bee might make a pretty cute couple or at least a sassy duo, but, you know, I’m keeping that secret for now. I could post about a trillion photos of Fievel for you all, but I’ll save you the time so you can get back to homework and the rest of the lovely afternoon.

See? Not much going on except for office-elfing around and dog-missing.

Oh, what am I talking about? There’s tonsssssss of news! Did you check out Lisi’s Twitter and Facebook page? If you missed it today, make sure you check both out tomorrow because, dun dun dunnnnn… The book formerly known as the Phoenix Five has its new official title! Crazy, right?! I’m so excited for the reveal and can’t wait to hear what you all think.

**EDIT: Lisi just sent me a message by parrot and it says to remind you all of some very special news she’s going to announce tomorrow… No, not the new series title, either. The book cover is also officially complete! What a huge week after all! Stay tuned tomorrow for when Lisi makes the big announcement. Til then, enjoy your Wednesday!




12 thoughts on “Sad American Tale

  1. Awww your dog is soo adorable!!! I can really tell why your so sad 😦 you know what they say a dog is a man (or girl’s) best friend! Hope that everything turns out okay in the end!!

  2. OMG! You named your dog Fievel?! That’s the best name ever! And he’s so cute! That was my favorite movie as a kid! I even had the video game on my SNES! I know, I’m old. I turn 19 on Saturday.

    Besides that, I know how it feels. Both of my dogs, Cadberry and Bex had to stay home while I go to college. They’re an hour and a half away from me and I miss them so much! I hope you get to see Fievel soon! Happy Wednesday! Thanks for posting!


    • I did indeed name my dog Fievel! It was strange actually. I had chosen the name before even meeting Fievel. I just pictured getting a dog with huge ears and his weren’t all that big as a 2 month old puppy, but then they just kept growinggggg! I don’t think the photos above really do them justice, but he has certainly turned into a perfect Fievel after all. Very sorry to hear about Cadberry and Bex! 😦 Although I do love both of those names. Points for originality, Arianna.

  3. Fievel, best. name. ever. Psh…crazy dog ladies don’t exist! My husky Shushlee (Means Bear in Navajo cept that last -lee) we inseperable ever since she was a puppy! Neighbors suck sometimes….but anyways! Thanks for the blah-g! Happy Wendsday!

  4. An American Tale was one of my favorite movies as a kid! (Who am I kidding? Eighteen years old and still a kid. Haha.) I’m not much of a dog person and even I think your dog is super cute! Hope the reunion goes well this weekend!

    I can’t wait for the new title and cover. It’s been a while since we’ve had a new Lisi book.

  5. Am I the only one who hasn’t heard of ‘An American Tale’? Perhaps it’s ’cause I’m Australian. I have to agree with Erica, though – I’m so not a dog person, but Fievel’s eyes are too sweet ^_^ May you have a lovely reunion (:

  6. Oh!!! Don’t worry, you are totally not crazy. My puppy- Wilson- is one crazy dog, but I couldn’t live without him! Fievel is adorbable!

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