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  1. Your office space is sooo trendy, in a vintage kind of way. I don’t know if it’s just the Instagram effect… um… I don’t actually know how Instagram even works, but still ^^ It looks awesome.

    I have a really wide wall in my room that was covered in quotes and pictures and doodles and ninja stars. But I really wanted this massive frame of a waterfall, and my father said I couldn’t have it unless I took everything down… and now there’s just that waterfall picture (which I love) and … my exam timetable -_-‘ Joy oh joy. But I’m going to put, on my list of things-to-do-after-the-maths-exam, is make a superdy spunky working space like yours. Ish.

    Anyhow, I look forward to seeing more awesome posts (:

    (And I just checked out those ah-mazing workspaces and I’m envious o.o )

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